1988 Premature Autopsy DEMO
  Only Shreds Remain DEMO
  Drowned DEMO
1989 Morbid Devourment DEMO
  But Life Goes On DEMO
1990 Left Hand Path LP
  Live In Holland BOOTLEG
1991 Crawl EP
  Twilight Of The Gods BOOTLEG
1992 Clandestine LP
  Stranger Aeons EP
  The Truth Beyond BOOTLEG
1993 Hollowman EP
  Out Of Hand EP
  Contempt PROMO
  Full Of Hell PROMO
  Hollowman PROMO
  Wolverine Blues PROMO
1994 Out Of Hand Japan LP
  Wolverine Blues LP
1995 Night Of The Vampire EP
1997 Dclxvi LP
  Singles Compilation LP
  Wreckage EP
1998 Monkey Puss LP
  Same Difference LP
  Family Favorites EP
1999 Uprising LP
  Black Juju EP
2001 Morning Star LP
2002 Sons Of Satan LP
2003 Inferno LP